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Customer Testimonials

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"My students really enjoy the Readymade Music Literacy lessons. The careful sequencing and scaffolding of information from lesson to lesson really strengthens their retention of musical concepts and improves their overall performance in class.  They also enjoy the fun and engaging way the information is presented in the video lessons!"

Rey Benitez
Band Director
Wood Middle School
San Antonio, TX

"Our band students have grown tremendously while learning through Readymade Music Literacy lessons each week.  Students at every academic level are consistently gaining confidence and achieving mastery in the areas of rhythm and reading the staff.  Readymade Music Literacy will be part of our band program for years to come!"

Heather McHenry
Band Director
Coyle Middle School
Garland, TX

"Readymade has consistently helped my students understand the concepts of staff notation and rhythm.  Readymade approaches learning in an organized manner that allows the students to learn concepts before they approach them in their method books.  Readymade is fun and my students often ask me when the next lesson will be!"

Ryan Gaughan
Band Director
Faubion Middle School
McKinney, TX

"My students really enjoy learning with Readymade Music Literacy. The lessons fill the gaps in the method book and prepare them for upcoming material making learning new music easier. The lessons are fun and engaging and I appreciate that there is plenty of built-in review allowing everyone the opportunity to understand the information."

Steve McGrew
Band Director
Coppell Middle School East
Coppell, TX

"This is my fourth year using the Readymade Music Literacy content.  I appreciate the thoughtful sequence of the lessons and have noticed over the years an increased comprehension and retention of musical concepts with my kids.  The Readymade Music Literacy program makes learning new music easier giving us more time to actually focus on playing our instruments!"

Kim Cooley
Band Director
Creek Valley Middle School
Lewisville, TX

"After trying other resources over the years, I was happy to find Readymade Music Literacy!  Readymade takes dry content and makes it interesting and enjoyable.  It's the perfect fit for middle school. Readymade keeps students engaged while still being methodical and thorough. There’s  no substitute for teaching your students music theory, and there’s no substitute for Readymade!"

Chris Pulley
Band Director
Belton Middle School
Belton, TX

"I loved seeing our students' confidence in music literacy grow exponentially throughout the year!  Readymade Music Literacy is paced and sequenced in a way that every student in the class can understand and be engaged on a deep level.  Our beginner classes made huge performance gains throughout the year and the DEPTH of musical skills was very apparent by our last performance!"

Tiffany Lisko
Band Director
Dowell Middle School
McKinney, TX

"Readymade Music Literacy lessons are engaging and masterfully designed!  We use Readymade's educational videos in our classroom to foster deep-seated learning on the subject of music literacy.  Our students LOVE participating in the activities and chants embedded in each video.  We are thrilled to continue using Readymade Music Literacy in our band classroom next school year!"

Ross Patterson
Band Director
Shadow Ridge Middle School
Flower Mound, TX

"Readymade Music Literacy has been a pivotal addition to my curriculum. My students love the characters and I love how the program introduces music theory in a fun and engaging manner. The worksheets provide great reinforcement of the information presented in the videos. This program has been a great addition for my classroom!"

Louise Smith
Band Director
Gautier Middle School
Gautier, MS

"We've witnessed remarkable growth since integrating Readymade Music Literacy! RML’s detailed sequencing ensures thorough understanding while providing elements of active participation. Our beginners have eagerly embraced the chants and videos! We highly recommend this for anyone looking to strengthen musical literacy!"

Jaylon Stewart
Band Director
Lindale Junior High
Lindale, TX

"I can’t believe how much more our students have learned through the videos. The sequencing of information is perfect and our kids love the different characters. The lessons also help keep me accountable to what music theory needs to be taught to our students each week. I can’t recommend it enough!"

John Barton
Band Director
Spillane Middle School
Cypress, TX

Readymade Music's Creator & Owner

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Hi, I'm Rob! I'm the creator and owner of Readymade Music, LLC and all of its content.  I created Readymade Music and the RML program with the hope of making your job as the music educator easier!  As a former public school band director, I know just how busy things can get!  (And it doesn't seem like it's getting less busy!)  There's so much to do and there never seems to be enough time to get it all done!  My hope is that Readymade Music can make your life a little easier whilst providing engaging and inspiring learning opportunities for your students!

Below, you can read more about my public school teaching experiences and why I created RML!¬† Thank you for visiting and I hope we can be of service to you and your community! ‚ėļÔłŹ